DePlann Garden Furniture for Outdoor Living

Welcome to DePlann – About us

We are specialists for Outdoor Living and representing primarily outdoor furniture factories from the Zhechiang Province in China for the B2B market.


Our garden furniture for Outdoor Living, bringing “indoor living outdoors”, caters for everyone.  We focus on clean and simple designs ensuring the products can easily be maintained.  Our designs are modern, flexible and made of light materials, chosen for ease of use and comfort at affordable prices.

Our 4 key ranges are the:

  • EcoLine Series for polyrattan garden furniture and accessories.
  • EcoPlan Series for combined materials.
  • EcoSet Series for economic and compact garden furniture, especially for balconies.
  • DePlann Plus for exclusive designer furniture for custom-made designs, especially for hotels and companies.

Presence in Frankfurt and Ningbo

We have a presence in Frankfurt and Ningbo where our China office oversees and monitors all activities on the design and production side.

  • This means we have a permanent presence in the heart of Frankfurt so you can visit our offices and discuss the full range of our services.
  • We have full-time representation in Frankfurt; the Chinese Founder and Managing Director of our company commuted until Covid on a regular basis between Ningbo and Frankfurt.
  • This ensures there is ongoing personal contact to deal with each and every one of your questions.
  • This enables the smooth coordination of meetings with designers, factory owners, certification experts and any other relevant parties in China.